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    Ever since my first car, which was an Audi A3 I’ve always stayed loyal to the Audi brand. The cars have never troubled me and have always been reliable and just don’t think I could look elsewhere. The premium badge and the level of class which goes into the styling of the cars and the fact that you’re buying a level of solidity that even the Japanese struggle to beat. I thought I would give an insight into a number of their models and compile a list of potential Audis which may be of interest to anyone in the market looking to buy an Audi.

    The first car I looked at was the Audi A1 which fits within the supermini category. The A1 is of similar size to the Ford Fiesta but it’s more of a premium car due to its high level of interior quality and desirability it’s more of a rival to the Mini Coupe. The small car definitely has a big car feel behind the wheel with a plush cabin and classy exterior. The A1 can nip around town or cruise on the motorway with ease. Another good point with this car is it keeps its price well but I did feel like it was quite uncomfortable especially if driving it for longer distances.

    The Audi A2 is great car if you’re looking to pick up something fairly cheap as they haven’t been made new since 2005. Slightly larger than the A1, the A2 is sufficiently roomy for four people and the boot is big enough to make a small family sized trip. The A2 is nice to drive too due to it being built largely from lightweight aluminium making it feel controlled and nimble on the road. Unfortunately the engine tends to be quite noisy when revs are high and the ride is quite fidgety in comparison to come of the other Audi models.

    The Audi A5 hatchback is a practical and stylish executive saloon, it’s also available in the coupe and cabriolet editions if preferred. The BMW 4 series is its nearest rival in this class. This car really does have a beautiful design and roomy interior. The hatchback version is probably the most uncomfortable of the A5 range. The negatives with this car is that I feel it has rather firm suspension and numb steering and the upgrade options are expensive additions as you can expect on a premium brand.

    Finally is the Audi A7 which is a large executive car but it’s not the classic behind the wheel of a big, heavy saloon like you might except so if a large executive car is what you are after without that then this is for you. The A7 is stylish and comes loaded with technology, this car truly does have incredible interior quality and design and really does turn heads as well as it being nice to drive. The only faults I see with this car are that the additional options are expensive and the rear head room is quite tight for taller adults as well as the boot being quite shallow.

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