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    The executive car market is mainly dominated by the big German makes such as Audi, Mercedes and BMW. These cars offer build quality, lot of the range equipment and comfort and are now all better than ever if you’re spending hours behind the wheel. I have decided to compile a list of a couple executive cars which I feel really stand out from the rest.

    The first to make my list is the Used Jaguar XF. I feel this has the most stylish looks out of the executive cars and rivals the Audi A6 in that department. The XF rear seat headroom does suffer as the result of the cars swooping lines as a result of its stylish looks.  Even the cheaper XF models have a good range of trim levels and come with standard eight-speed automatic gearbox, leather seats, wood trim and even nice interior touches. The Jaguar XF does really combine luxury, comfort and handling in an executive car that gets pretty much nothing wrong. The XF does suffer with the rear legroom and the petrol engines are expensive to run.

    The Used Mercedes-Benz E Class is next up and this car is really nice to drive and is favours towards comfort rather than the Used BMW 5 Series. The suspension is smooth and gets stiffer on the more performance-oriented trim levels in the range. The basic model even comes with basic equipment and the engines offer everything from impressive economy to supercar-worrying performance. The Mercedes E-Class has impressive comfort and quality which help make it one of the world’s best-selling executive cars. The E-Class I feel is short on flair on the interior and the 5 series is more fun to drive too.


    The Second Hand Volvo S80 is the next executive car I looked at and the large salon occupies niches between mass-market, mainstream family cars like the Vauxhall Insignia and premium executive s like the other 2 mentioned.  Although it can’t match the badge appeal or the stylish looks of its executive rivals you can’t fault its quality, space and comfort especially in the front seats. The negatives with the S80 is that it’s not the most exciting to look at, it doesn’t have as much appeal as the other executive rivals and the resale values aren’t as good as its rivals either.

    Last up is the Second Hand Audi A5. The A5 is a practical and stylish executive saloon and has a beautiful design and roomy interior and comes in five main specifications and has a very comfortable ride. The A5 is almost as spacious as the A4 saloon and offers added versatility. The negatives are that the steering can be quite numb and the pedals are heavily off set making it quite tight in the back and its rivals such as the 3 series are cheaper to run too.


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