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    The executive car market is mainly dominated by the big German makes such as Audi, Mercedes and BMW. These cars offer build quality, lot of the range equipment and comfort and are now all better than ever if you’re spending hours behind the wheel. I have decided to compile a list of a couple executive cars which I feel really stand out from the rest.

    The first to make my list is the Used Jaguar XF. I feel this has the most stylish looks out of the executive cars and rivals the Audi A6 in that department. The XF rear seat headroom does suffer as the result of the cars swooping lines as a result of its stylish looks.  Even the cheaper XF models have a good range of trim levels and come with standard eight-speed automatic gearbox, leather seats, wood trim and even nice interior touches. The Jaguar XF does really combine luxury, comfort and handling in an executive car that gets pretty much nothing wrong. The XF does suffer with the rear legroom and the petrol engines are expensive to run.

    The Used Mercedes-Benz E Class is next up and this car is really nice to drive and is favours towards comfort rather than the Used BMW 5 Series. The suspension is smooth and gets stiffer on the more performance-oriented trim levels in the range. The basic model even comes with basic equipment and the engines offer everything from impressive economy to supercar-worrying performance. The Mercedes E-Class has impressive comfort and quality which help make it one of the world’s best-selling executive cars. The E-Class I feel is short on flair on the interior and the 5 series is more fun to drive too.


    The Second Hand Volvo S80 is the next executive car I looked at and the large salon occupies niches between mass-market, mainstream family cars like the Vauxhall Insignia and premium executive s like the other 2 mentioned.  Although it can’t match the badge appeal or the stylish looks of its executive rivals you can’t fault its quality, space and comfort especially in the front seats. The negatives with the S80 is that it’s not the most exciting to look at, it doesn’t have as much appeal as the other executive rivals and the resale values aren’t as good as its rivals either.

    Last up is the Second Hand Audi A5. The A5 is a practical and stylish executive saloon and has a beautiful design and roomy interior and comes in five main specifications and has a very comfortable ride. The A5 is almost as spacious as the A4 saloon and offers added versatility. The negatives are that the steering can be quite numb and the pedals are heavily off set making it quite tight in the back and its rivals such as the 3 series are cheaper to run too.


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    Ever since my first car, which was an Audi A3 I’ve always stayed loyal to the Audi brand. The cars have never troubled me and have always been reliable and just don’t think I could look elsewhere. The premium badge and the level of class which goes into the styling of the cars and the fact that you’re buying a level of solidity that even the Japanese struggle to beat. I thought I would give an insight into a number of their models and compile a list of potential Audis which may be of interest to anyone in the market looking to buy an Audi.

    The first car I looked at was the Audi A1 which fits within the supermini category. The A1 is of similar size to the Ford Fiesta but it’s more of a premium car due to its high level of interior quality and desirability it’s more of a rival to the Mini Coupe. The small car definitely has a big car feel behind the wheel with a plush cabin and classy exterior. The A1 can nip around town or cruise on the motorway with ease. Another good point with this car is it keeps its price well but I did feel like it was quite uncomfortable especially if driving it for longer distances.

    The Audi A2 is great car if you’re looking to pick up something fairly cheap as they haven’t been made new since 2005. Slightly larger than the A1, the A2 is sufficiently roomy for four people and the boot is big enough to make a small family sized trip. The A2 is nice to drive too due to it being built largely from lightweight aluminium making it feel controlled and nimble on the road. Unfortunately the engine tends to be quite noisy when revs are high and the ride is quite fidgety in comparison to come of the other Audi models.

    The Audi A5 hatchback is a practical and stylish executive saloon, it’s also available in the coupe and cabriolet editions if preferred. The BMW 4 series is its nearest rival in this class. This car really does have a beautiful design and roomy interior. The hatchback version is probably the most uncomfortable of the A5 range. The negatives with this car is that I feel it has rather firm suspension and numb steering and the upgrade options are expensive additions as you can expect on a premium brand.

    Finally is the Audi A7 which is a large executive car but it’s not the classic behind the wheel of a big, heavy saloon like you might except so if a large executive car is what you are after without that then this is for you. The A7 is stylish and comes loaded with technology, this car truly does have incredible interior quality and design and really does turn heads as well as it being nice to drive. The only faults I see with this car are that the additional options are expensive and the rear head room is quite tight for taller adults as well as the boot being quite shallow.

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    Land Rover is a British car manufacturer which produces off-road vehicles.

    Founded in 1947, Land Rover has been under the ownership of the Indian company Tata Motors since 2008, having previously been owned by Ford.

    Popular used Land Rover models include the Defender (which is based on the original Land Rover model of the 1940s), the Discovery, the Freelander and the luxurious Range Rover.

    The Land Rover Discovery has been on the market since 1989 and 2009 saw the release of its fourth generation. The Discovery is a popular used car choice thanks to its superb off-road ability.

    The Range Rover, launched in 1970, combines four-wheel drive off-road ability with luxury and refinement. A very popular car on the used market, and rightly so, there is a used Range Rover for all budgets. The Range Rover sub-brand also includes the performance-oriented Range Rover Sport and the smaller Range Rover Evoque.

    The Freelander is the baby in the Land Rover range. Introduced in 1997, the Freelander combines the off-road ability of its larger brothers with the compact practicality of a family hatchback, making it a popular choice for families.

    AutoOnline.co.uk can find you a great deal on a used Land Rover wherever you are in the UK.

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    These days, fuel prices in the UK are at an all-time high and don’t show any signs of falling in the near future. We pay more for petrol and diesel than almost every other country in the world, so it’s important to make sure we get every last mile that we can out of our tanks. If you’re lucky enough to own a Lamborghini, Ferrari or some other petrol-guzzling supercar then chances are you couldn’t give a monkeys about maximising your fuel efficiency, but for the rest of you here are a list of our top tips for doing exactly that.


    Fill Up In The Morning
    Petrol and diesel are stored underground at the stations, and as such are both cooler in the morning – this is when they are most dense. When the ground is warmer they expand so the gallon you pay for is not actually a full gallon. The early bird catches the worm. Well, the cheapest petrol anyway.


    Get A Smaller Car
    Do you really need that huge 4×4? How often do you really need to transport seven passengers in your people carrier? Downsizing can save you £££s every year – smaller cars need much less fuel.


    Go Electric
    Electric cars are forever catching up with their petrol counterparts in terms of driveability, speed, range and appearance. You might have a hefty initial outlay, but you’ll make the money back in no time if you’re a high mileage driver.


    Drive Slower
    All of us end up breaking the speed limit now and again, but if you’re the sort of person who races up to motorway speeds when the road is clear then you’ll be burning fuel faster than you should be. Get up into 5th gear and drive at low revs to maximise efficiency. This will also be good for the well-being of the vehicle and should save you money on MOT and servicing costs.


    Dodge The City
    Driving through the city means traffic, congestion, and stopping at lights. These all impact on the fuel efficiency of your car so if there’s an alternative route down a main road or country lane, opt for that one over the city.

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    Times are hard, fuel prices are rising, insurance costs are at an all-time high and we are getting taxed on almost everything. But there are some easy ways of saving a small fortune when it comes to owning a car, which many people over look.

    Now there are the obvious options, for example, opting for a used Volkswagen Polo rather than that new Jag you were eyeing up. Put there are many, more discrete ways of saving money on your motor.

    Get older!

    We all know that being older has certain benefits and the same applies for owning a car. Your insurance will go down significantly the older you are, and insurance prices in general are falling for the older amongst us, whilst remaining shockingly high for the youngsters. Whilst this is obviously a silly suggestion, we would advise that you should put off buying a car until it is absolutely necessary.sbaza

    Bargain hunt!

    Whatever has a price is competitive, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the first price you come across will not be the best one!  Comparison sites and Automotive Sites exist for a reason! This applies for your insurance also, shop around a bit, make sure you are getting the best possible deal and you could stand to save hundreds over the years. You can also save money by hunting for the best MOT prices available in your area with regards to your model. CarSite have designed a quick and easy system for local MOT and Servicing which will help make sure that you’re don’t pay over the odds.

    Consider Leasing

    Leasing often gets bad press, but it can be a very cost effective alternative. Cash flow is important and these is the perfect way to ensure that it is constantly flowing. Rather than hand over a whopping lump sum, you can pay off your car with monthly instalments for three years, and keep it or get rid/upgrade at the end of that period.

    Drive economically

    It is all about being smooth and trying to keep the ride consistent. This means accelerating and decelerating gently, trying to avoid breaking when you could just slow down whilst keeping the car in gear, you want your wheels to be in motion ALL THE TIME. Try and keep your air-con use to a minimum and turn off any non-essential electrics. You should also turn of the engine whenever you are going to be stationary for longer than a few minutes. Also, lose weight!

    Carry out your own repairs

    This might sound a little dubious, and we are not suggesting that you bring a writ-off car from the dead. But if you have a small issue, like a broken headlight or a faulty exhaust on your Chrysler, it might work out much cheaper to buy the spare Chrysler parts yourself and fit them, rather than going to the garage for aid. Many websites offer information on how to install parts, and it is often easier than you might think.


    In short it serves best to be slim, old and computer literate to save money on your vehicle. There are many ways to save money on your vehicle, don’t neglect any of them, and they will eventually become habit, and amount to a small fortune.